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At Renmore Dental, our key focus is delivering excellence in dentistry. We aim to make the patient's journey, from first enquiry to treatment completion, a smooth and relaxed process. Our highly skilled and experienced team of dentists are dedicated to providing quality dental treatment using the best clinical techniques and state of the art technology.

We understand that providing best patient care is not just limited to the dental treatment provided. Our entire team pride themselves in looking after you at every level.

  • Clinical Care – High quality yet affordable treatment from our highly skilled and experienced team of dentists. We offer a comprehensive range of dental treatments from general dentistry, adult orthodontics, dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. We also accept referrals from other dentists for dental implants.
  • Hygienist Services – We place great importance on the role of good oral hygiene in maintaining dental health. Our hygienist provides a full range of treatment from routine dental cleaning to treatment of more advanced gum disease.
  • Patient Care – Our friendly and efficient reception staff will endeavour to answer any queries you may have. For patient convenience, we offer early morning, late evening and Saturday appointments. Emergency appointments are seen as a priority.
  • Family Dentistry – Renmore Dental is a family dental practice and we are delighted to see patients of all ages. Good dental health starts from an early age and we encourage parents to bring children as soon as baby teeth erupt.
  • Quality of treatment - Our experienced team of dentists deliver the highest standards of clinical care using the best materials, dental laboratories and state of the art technology. We don't cut corners with quality and only use recognised and branded products such as Straumann™ dental implants. We use only accredited premium dental laboratories to produce customized dental work specific for each patient.
  • Cost of Treatment – We understand that everyone's financial situations are unique.We aim to keep treatment costs as low as possible whilst maintaining the quality and standard of care provided. We respect that everyone's budget is different, and therefore offer a range of treatment options. We have a clear pricing policy, and patients will receive written treatment plans with details of treatment required and costs. We allow staged payment options where costs can be spread out over the course of treatment, with the balance paid before completion of work.
  • Nervous Patients – Our dentists understand that a visit to the dentist can be a stressful event for some patients. Many patients have avoided the dentist for years due to anxiety over dental treatment. We treat many nervous patients, and find a calm, relaxed approach to dental treatment works best. We give patients full control during dental appointments. Simply raising a hand will pause treatment and allow our patients a chance to rest and address any issues they may have. Our testimonials from nervous patients show the success we have had in making their appointments stress-free, allowing even the most nervous of patients to return to regular dental care.
  • Practice Facilities – We are proud of our practice, and invest in modern equipment to ensure our patients receive the most up to date treatment available. To increase patient safety, all x-ray equipment including intra-oral and OPG facilities are digital.
  • Sterilisation and hygiene are of paramount importance at Renmore Dental. We are obsessed with cleanliness, have a dedicated decontamination room and follow stringent guidelines to ensure patient safety.
  • Access - We also have on-site free car parking, disabled access and restrooms, and ground floor surgery facilities. We are conveniently located on the Dublin Road, one of the main routes into Galway We are close to bus routes and within minutes from M6 and M18 motorways to Dublin and Limerick.

Dental Treatment Abroad

There is an obvious temptation to have complex work done abroad at what seems a lower cost. We are treating increasing amounts of patients who are experiencing problems with extensive dental work undertaken abroad in a short space of time. We see the same issues arising with these cases.

Timing: Quality and safe dental treatment takes time to provide, and cannot be done in a week or rushed to fit into a fixed schedule. When providing complex dental work, time is needed to successfully diagnose and treat dental problems. Areas need to heal before treatment can proceed. Crowns and implants need to be tried in and adjusted and even remade before they are suitable to be fitted. A review of extensive treatment needs to be carried out within a week or two after completion to ensure the work is stable and the patient comfortable. Cutting corners during any of the above stages can affect success of treatment provided.

Material quality: Not all treatments are the same. A dental implant is not a standard item and there are thousands of different implant brands on the market, some good and some poor quality. Each implant company has different screws and components which may not be available worldwide. There are fewer than 10 main implant brands that are well researched and trusted worldwide. If an implant is being placed in your bone, you need to ensure it is a recognised quality brand and not a cheap clone implant.

Overtreatment: We have seen several patients who have had extensive unnecessary treatment. Patients have returned with over 20 teeth crowned and are delighted with the cost per crown. In many cases, these crowns were not required and are an example of overtreatment. For the dentist who provided 20 crowns over two visits, even with keeping the cost of the individual crowns low, a profit is maintained by increasing the amount of crowns provided.

Quality of treatment: As with any profession, there are good and bad practitioners in any country. It is important to ensure that the individual carrying out your treatment is experienced with a good reputation and adequate qualifications.

Maintenance: Complex dental work needs regular maintenance. Even the best quality work requires regular check-ups and repairs through its lifetime. The best person to maintain that work is the person who carried out the treatment. They will be familiar with the materials and the implant systems used. Emergencies will arise, and quick access to the provider of the treatment is essential.