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Enlighten Advanced Whitening

At Renmore Dental, we provide Enlighten Advanced Whitening treatment. This system is ideal for patients who want the guarantee of a brighter, whiter smile.

Fissure sealants are a quick and painless way of protecting children's teeth from decay.

The procedure involves applying a white (or clear) plastic coating to the biting surfaces of adult molar teeth. This coating seals the pits and fissures (grooves) on the tooth, thereby preventing bacteria and food lodging in these difficult to clean areas.

Also known as dental caries, if untreated can lead to pain, abcesses, visible discolouration and the physical breakdown of teeth.

Tooth decay occurs when the plaque bacteria in your mouth breakdown and feed upon carbohydrates (sugars) from food and drink in your diet.

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Having everything just right for your big day is important. It takes time, hard work and planning, but you know it’ll be worth it in the end. Your hair, make-up, dress and shoes will look fantastic, so why not take the opportunity to show off a beautiful smile too for those wedding day photos.

Dental implants have dramatically improved the range of options available to our patients.

Implants are essentially small screws which are placed below the gum.

root canal x-ray
root canal x-ray
root canal x-ray

This dental procedure is usually carried out when the pulp (nerve and blood vessels) at the centre of a tooth is affected by either decay, infection or trauma.