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Home Tooth Whitening

The Opalesence™ Home Whitening Kit is our most successful tooth whitening treatment. Using a customised tray worn on teeth overnight for 2 weeks, Opalesence™ whitening gel gradually lightens teeth. Tooth whitening is a very reliable, safe and effective method of brightening your smile. Research shows that home whitening kits result in a better and more stable whitening result that alternative "Laser" or ultraviolet lamp techniques which can potentially damage teeth with shorter lasting results. The trays can be used again and again in the future to boost results and maintain a healthy white smile.

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Enlighten Advanced Whitening


KOR - Simply Whiter Teeth

At Renmore Dental, we are delighted to provide KöR Deep Whitening treatment. This system is ideal for patients who want a brighter, whiter smile. Through use of advanced whitening gels and trays, teeth are safely and effectively brightened and without the need for potentially damaging light or heat application. Trays are worn at night for two weeks on average, with a final application in the surgery.

We have found KöR Deep Whitening to be fantastic for both routine whitening cases, and for patients with more advanced discoloration of their teeth.

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Non-Vital Bleaching

Occasionally individual teeth can discolour following trauma or root canal treatment. These teeth may simply be brightened by internal whitening of the tooth to restore the natural colour.

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