Complete Replacement of Dentures with Fixed Teeth

  • Are you tired of loose and bulky dentures?
  • Do your dentures stop you eating the foods you want?]
  • Do you lack confidence in speaking or laughing in public due to the anxiety that dentures will move?

Replacement of your upper and lower dentures with Teeth-in-a-Day fixed implant supported bridges (All-on-4) could be your solution for these common denture problems. The placement of several implants allows us to completely replace all missing teeth with fixed teeth in a single day.

These teeth are not removable by the patient, and allow the patient to speak, eat, laugh and smile with a new confidence. Your old removable dentures are gone for good. Dr Tony McLoughlin has studied the All-on-4 ™ technique at the renowned Malo Clinic in Portugal This fantastic technique provides patients with same day fixed implant bridges, allowing replacement of full dentures in a single day.

Advantages of Teeth in a Day Fixed Implant Supported Bridges (All on 4)

  • Fully fixed and non-removable
  • Natural appearance
  • Prevents further bone loss
  • No more loose dentures or denture adhesive
  • Suitable for missing upper and lower teeth
  • Implants and new teeth placed on same day
  • Minimal pain/discomfort during procedure
  • Chewing ability is restored so you can enjoy all types of food again

There are Two Stages to Fixed Implant Supported Bridges

Stage 1: Following assessment and planning appointments to see if you are a suitable candidate, your complete upper or lower denture is removed, implants placed and on the same day you can leave with fixed teeth firmly screwed into place.

Stage 2: Six months after the initial fixed bridge is placed and following healing of the gums, a new fixed bridge is constructed. This fits more accurately around the newly healed gum and implants.

Contact our clinic to arrange an appointment with Dr McLoughlin who will assess your mouth and current dentures problems. Due to the simplicity of this revolutionary technique, all treatment can be carried out under local anaesthetic in our clinic.

Click for video of Fixed Full Arch Implant-Bridge options